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Long after the death of Snow White, one of her descendents stumbles on the lost magic mirror... and is soon in the grip of its corrupting spell.

“In this accessible entry in the series, Catanese imagines events many years after "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" ends … Buy where there is a demand for fast-paced, easily read adventure fantasy.” – School Library Journal

"When one of the boys uncovers the mirror that played a role in Snow White's story, the boys' kinship is replaced by dark magic and deceit, and the kingdom hangs in balance. A wonderful reframing of a classic fairy tale that gives a masculine slant to a story that is often seen as only for girls." --

“In a time of kingdoms, barons, and knights, two twins, Bertram and William, cause their parents much trouble. In a last-ditch effort to discipline the twin boys, Baron Charmaigne decides to separate them for the summer. William will go visit his uncle and Bertram will stay behind; but the twins decide to fool the parents and switch places. This switch proves more fortunate for the kingdom than they both realize--here is where the tale becomes very compelling. This story would appeal to middle school students either read aloud or read as a twist on the popular fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The story moves quickly and one does not need to have a strong history background to appreciate the rivalry between the brothers or the knowledge that having one's greatest desire can bring large risks and challenges.” – Children’s Literature  

"As he did in his previous “Further Tales”... author Catanese imagines a whole world into existence around the sketchy framework of an old legend – and then re-imagines the legend. Catanese’s unorthodox theory of what really happened in Snow White’s tale drives this story to a surprising pitch of suspense, dread, action, and is fascinating how much these “Further Tales” share of the spirit of the original tales...a pure adventure filled with thrills, generous with its characters, and guaranteed to have you rooting for the good guys... 

Nominated for the Maud Hart Lovelace Award,  sponsored by the Minnesota Youth Book Award group.

Boston Author's Club Awards: Recommended Title