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The Books of Umber:
-Happenstance Found
-Dragon Games

-The End of Time

The Thief and
the Beanstalk

The Brave

The Eye of 
the Warlock

The Mirror's Tale

The Riddle
of the Gnome

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P.W. Catanese

That's me up there. 

I was born in New York, lived outside of Boston for a few years, then moved to Connecticut when I was seven. I graduated from the University of  Connecticut, and I live in a small town in the same state today, with my wife and three kids. I've always done creative stuff in my free time. I filled books with cartoon stories when I was a kid, and drew a daily cartoon strip when I was in college. These days, when Iím not writing books, I work for an advertising agency.  

Nice little coincidence: The letters in P.W. Catanese can be rearranged to spell Want escape?  And that's why people read books like these, isn't it?

Not bored enough yet? I was interviewed by The Young Adult Books Central web site. You can read that interview here - click on P.W. Catanese.   

I enjoy hearing from people. Seriously. You can e-mail me at pwcatanese@aol.com.