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An army of trolls marches toward the heart of the kingdom. And it's up to a clever tailor's apprentice to discover the way to defeat them.

“With brains, luck, and the help of a charming fool, Patch sets out to do the impossible. A charming riff on The Brave Little Tailor, this is neither a spoof nor a retelling, just straightforward adventure in a land of magic and enchantment.” - KLIATT

“The quick pace moves from one action-packed scene to another... Patch's awkwardness and lack of self-confidence make him all the more likable as he seeks to defeat the trolls and prove himself.” 

Language is crisp, with the occasional neat turn of phrase or surprising word…Readers will enjoy the battles, the nonstop action, and Patch’s slow maturation and growing confidence.” -The Center for Children’s Literature, Carthage College

“Here is an exciting yarn, woven out of threads of suspense, sorrow, comedy, and action, and stitched together by an unquestionable master of the trade.” -

About the story:

“Seven at one blow!”

That’s what they said about the Brave Little Tailor – he killed seven villains with a single blow. But no one can prove it’s even true. And besides, that took place a long time ago, and the Brave Little Tailor is now an old man. So what happens when an army of brutish trolls invades his kingdom?

Meet Patch Ridling, a simple tailor’s apprentice in the remote village of  Crossfield. He’s a hard worker who’s never wanted for much, except a little adventure. When he rescues his friend Osbert from an aging and decrepit troll, Patch finds himself something of a town hero. Word of his bravery quickly spreads throughout the countryside, and Patch is summoned to the king’s castle. King Milo needs his help to wage war on a gang of trolls threatening to destroy the kingdom.

Soon Patch finds himself engaged in an all-out battle against the trolls. With the help of a giddy fool named Simon, can Patch figure out the troll’s fatal flaw? Or is the kingdom destined to perish?

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Brave Apprentice!

Like The Thief and the Beanstalk, The Brave Apprentice is an old-fashioned adventure story. But it's more of a mystery, and it has more humor. 

Want to check out the original fairy tale? Read The Brave Little Tailor here.


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THE BRAVE APPRENTICE: It takes more than bravery to face an army of angry trolls...