The Riddle of the Gnome


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A boy cursed to bring bad luck to anyone who comes near lives a sad and solitary life. One day a foul-tempered gnome promises to end his curse...but only if the boy accompanies him on a harrowing adventure.

"With some neat twists and plot turns, this takes ole' 'Rumpelstiltskin' to a new level. Give this to those who enjoyed Ella Enchanted..." - KLIATT

"I’ve enjoyed all of the Further Tales Adventures and this one is no exception. In fact, I think it might be my favorite yet." - Young Adult Books Central

"In this “Further Tale” you will shudder at the sight of a gigantic, hideous monster. You will bite your nails as Tom contends with robbers, ravenous insects, a dark tomb, and an army of barbarians, while each discovery he makes means that he has more and more to lose...the novel’s “big payoff” will reward you emotionally, while affirming many of the best things in reality or fiction: courage, love, and the possibility of even the worst villain being redeemed." 

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Like the other Further Tales, The Riddle of the Gnome tells about what happens many years after a classic fairy tale. So if you ever wondered what happened to's your chance to find out. And watch for big surprises as the story unfolds!