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Forty years after the frightening adventure of Hansel and Gretel, their young cousin discovers a much deadlier enemy deep in the forest.

"This is the wonderful continuation of the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. With the occasional witty use of figurative language, Catanese does a great job creating his own believable world rooted within a classic. This is a great middle to high school read, as it shows a wonderful emotional journey and character growth." - Children's Literature (at Barnes and Noble)

"It is creepy, thrilling, sensitive, and even a little romantic trust The Eye of the Warlock to make you see a well-known story in a magical new way!" -

2006-2007 Recommended Purchasing List for School Librarians (Chicago Public Schools Dept. of Libraries)

A Staff Pick

Endicott Studio Featured Young Adult Fiction

About the story:

Once, a young brother and sister were lost in the forest, where they fell into the clutches of a terrible witch. They were lucky to escape with their lives and a fortune in gold and jewels.

Many years have passed, and Hansel and Gretel are long gone. Now Rudi, a hot-tempered boy, lives in the same rundown house, along with his cruel Aunt Agnes, his oafish Uncle Hempel, and two little sisters that the family has taken in. When his aunt and uncle abandon the girls in the woods, Rudi rushes in to save them. This is just the beginning of a perilous adventure, as Rudi comes face to face with the unspeakable, ageless evil that lurks in the heart of the forest. 

In the author's opinion, this is the scariest of the books...though The Mirror's Tale is pretty close! You can get a copy in bookstores now or online at these sites: