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I like to draw, and sometimes will sketch characters, scenes and maps as I'm writing. (I don't draw the book covers; we leave that to the professional illustrators.) 

Here you'll find some of my drawings of scenes and characters from my books. Please don't consider these the "definitive" illustrations. Sometimes I don't think I get them quite right, even though I imagined these things. If you've read the books, then the pictures in your head are just as good.  Keep checking back - I'll add more when  time allows.  

And send me your interpretations - I may add them to the Reader's Gallery page, coming soon.


Here is a map of the Further Tales first attempt at showing where the various stories take place. I may revise this in the future. If any of you sharp-eyed readers notice any inconsistencies, send me an email and let me know! 


Art from The Thief and the Beanstalk:


Art from The Brave Apprentice:


Art from The Eye of the Warlock:

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