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Welcome readers and friends. You might know me, P.W. Catanese, from The Books of Umber, my fantasy trilogy, or my earlier fairy-tale inspired novels.  But these days, I'm excited about my new book, Donny's Inferno.  It's available now from Simon and Schuster/Aladdin. Check your local bookstore - it seems to be all over the place right now. And find links to order online on my where to buy page. (The paperback will follow in early 2017.)

Read the Donny's Inferno page to learn more about the book; how a hidden joke that I planted in the story turned into the new title; and more.

Most importantly: If you enjoy the book, please recommend it to a friend! That's the nicest thing you can do for an author.

What else is new?

All kinds of nice things happening. The best way to get current info is to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But here's a rundown as of February 2016:

Time to buy and read Donny's Inferno! If you like what I’ve written before, you’re going to love this supernatural adventure. The biggest difference from my previous stories is that this one is contemporary. It's funny, thrilling, and fast-paced, with a big dose of urban fantasy. So, check with your local bookstore, order your copy online, or download your e-book today!

Coming Spring 2017: The next Donny's Inferno story! Donny's Inferno 2 will be incredibly fun. I am in the final stages of editing. I love this premise, setting and characters. So many possibilities! This book will be out in March 2017. I have seen the glorious cover illustration, but it's too early to share (won't be much longer though.

The return of two favorites.  My editor at Simon & Schuster/Aladdin gave me some great news: Two of my earlier books, The Thief and the Beanstalk and The Mirror's Tale, are going to be repackaged and re-released with all new cover designs. Look for those in 2017. I am so excited that a new generation of readers will enjoy these stories.

This news got even better when I saw the new covers. These illustrations are by Jim Tierney, the same artist who just worked on the new e-book covers of a bunch of Stephen King's novels. (See that amazing work at Jim's site - definitely worth a look.)

Here are the new looks for these old favorites. First, The Thief and the Beanstalk, the story of what happens years after Jack's adventure up the beanstalk:

And here is the new cover for The Mirror's Tale, my story about what happens years after the story of "Snow White."

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About the books.

Officially my novels are for middle-grade readers, but I’m pleased by how many adults enjoy them as well. It all started with The Thief and the Beanstalk back in 2005, followed by four more fairy-tale inspired novels that were ‘sequels’ to classic Grimm’s stories. Then I moved on to the widely honored and acclaimed The Books of Umber. This is an epic trilogy about a boy named Happenstance who might possess the ability to steer human destiny, and the brilliant but unstable adventurer who helps him discover his unusual powers and strange origins. Next up is Donny's Inferno.  

These have all been published by Simon and Schuster/Aladdin. If you want to buy one, please check with your local independent bookstore first. If that doesn’t work out, the big online booksellers will have them. Most are available as e-books. And if you like to listen, check out the wonderful Books of Umber audio books.  

When I’m not writing, I also enjoy author events and school visits. This year I'll be visiting some schools for the tenth straight year. So invite away, and hopefully my schedule will allow. 

Want to do me a favor?

It’s so easy. If you enjoy my books, tell a friend that they should read them too. That’s the nicest thing you can do for any author. Next best thing: Post a happy review wherever reviews are posted - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc.